[ RadSafe ] Low-radiation system will be used on ride

Mccormick, Luke I luke.mccormick at dhs.gov
Thu Jul 13 06:14:02 CDT 2006

I seriously doubt there is enough energy to cook an egg. Lets see, man = 70
kg LD50/60 = 4 Gy
70 x 4 = 280 J 280/4.18 = 67 calories. Assume 1 egg weighs 35 gm then the
egg would be heated about 2 degrees.

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Subject:    Re: [ RadSafe ] Low-radiation system will be used on riders
Author:     radsafe-bounces at radlab.nl
Date:       7/12/2006 5:39 PM

       Oh, this is rich.  Only a delay of 1 or 2 minutes per
       Does that include standing in line?  All to be screened during
       times and "random" screening during the times when an attack
       would have
       the most impact.  According to another news item, the system
       will use
       enough radiation to cook an egg....

       Susan Gawarecki

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