[ RadSafe ] Nevadans for Yucca!

Robert Cherry bobcherry at satx.rr.com
Thu Jul 20 08:38:34 CDT 2006

Today's Wall Street Journal has an opinion column on the proposed Yucca
Mountain Repository:




Some Nevadans apparently support the project:


"See those buildings off on the left there," says our guide as we pass
through the sagebrush. "They're brothels. As you may know, prostitution is
legal in certain Nevada counties. The state has no trouble supplying them
with water, but for almost a year they wouldn't give us any. We used
port-o-potties for quite a long time." As it turns out, though, the brothels
have their upside. Anticipating a surge in business from the construction
project, they are among the few locals supporting the project.


Bob C

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