[ RadSafe ] Radiological Attack on Combined Sanitary & Storm Sewer System

Strom, Daniel J strom at pnl.gov
Thu Jul 20 15:16:19 CDT 2006

The King County Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) and the Pacific
Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have released a 3-volume set of
reports prepared in the context of preparedness and response to a
radiological attack (e.g., a "dirty bomb" or other radiological
dispersion event) that results in radioactive material entering a
combined sanitary and stormwater sewer system: 
Strom DJ. 2005. "Radiological Risk Assessment for King County Wastewater
Treatment Division"
_unlimited.pdf>  PNNL-15163 Vol. 1 Rev. 1, Pacific Northwest National
Laboratory, Richland, Washington. 
Strom DJ, RJ McConn Jr., and RL Brodzinski. 2005. "Radiological
Instrumentation Assessment for King County Wastewater Treatment
unlimited.pdf>  PNNL-15163 Vol. 2, Pacific Northwest National
Laboratory, Richland, Washington. 
Hickey EE and DJ Strom. 2005. "Technical Basis for Radiological
Emergency Plan Annex for WTD Emergency Response Plan: West Point
Treatment Plant."
Tech_Basis_for_ERP_unlimited.pdf>  PNNL-15163 Vol. 3, Pacific Northwest
National Laboratory, Richland, Washington. 

If your e-mail doesn't support embedded links, go to
http://www.pnl.gov/bayesian/strom/strompub.htm and scroll down.

These reports were prepared before publication of two documents by the
Interagency Steering Committee on Radiation Standards (ISCORS;
http://www.iscors.org/), which should be consulted for in-depth
treatment of consequences of radioactive materials in sewage sludge:

Wolbarst AB, WA Chiu, C Yu, K Aiello, JT Bachmaier, RK Bastian, JJ
Cheng, J Goodman, R Hogan, AR Jones, S Kamboj, T Lenhartt, WR Ott, A
Rubin, SN Salomon, DW Schmidt, and LW Setlow. 2006. "Radioactive
materials in biosolids: dose modeling." Health Physics 90(1):16-30.

Bastian RK, JT Bachmaier, DW Schmidt, SN Salomon, A Jones, WA Chiu, LW
Setlow, AB Wolbarst, C Yu, J Goodman, and T Lenhart. 2005. "Radioactive
materials in biosolids: national survey, dose modeling, and publicly
owned treatment works (POTW) guidance." J.Environ.Qual. 34(1):64-74.

Another publication of potential interest:
National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA
<http://www.nacwa.org> ). 2005. "Planning for Decontamination
Wastewater: A Guide for Utilities."
Washington, DC: NACWA. This document was produced with NACWA by a
collaboration led by CH2MHill <http://www.ch2m.com/corporate_2004/> ,
with Battelle <http://www.battelle.org> 's Dr. Daniel J. Strom, Dr.
Robert G. Riley, and Dr. Richard E. Weller contributing expertise in
radioactive materials, chemicals, and biological agents, respectively. 

- Dan Strom

The opinions expressed above, if any, are mine alone and have not been
reviewed or approved by Battelle, the Pacific Northwest National
Laboratory, or the U.S. Department of Energy.

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