[ RadSafe ] Re: VA study of medical records on birth defects (was Re: [ RadSafe]RE: uranium in the gulf war)

James Salsman james at readsay.com
Thu Jul 27 02:12:54 CDT 2006


Please, call him yourself if you don't believe me.  202-254-0370

You can confirm that Dr. Kang refuses to list the draft which 
Colonel Daxon cited and selectivly quoted from here:

-- that link is the current bibliography of the Environmental 
Epidemiology Service which Dr. Kang heads from his departmental
home page here:  http://www.vethealth.cio.med.va.gov/Epidemiology.htm

Anyway, I got this email, clearly.  Did you check the address on 
the messages that bounced?


> James, 
> We are supposed to believe your telephone interview .. you have zero =
> credibility so your having claimed to have interviewed Dr Kang really =
> has no merit - your mail also keeps being returned as undeliverable!  As =
> a result, this reply is being sent to RADSAFE.  I would prefer to reply =
> to you directly.
> Roger Helbig
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> Subject: Re: VA study of medical records on birth defects (was Re: [RadSafe]RE: uranium in the gulf war)
> I spoke with Dr. Kang by telephone today.  He confirmed that the
> total number of "moderate to severe" birth defects in children of
> male Gulf War veterans INCREASED from an odds ratio of 1.8 from
> survey data to 2.2 after the pediatric medical records were examined.

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