[ RadSafe ] Wallac Wizard 1470 Gamma counter for disposal

Robert Atkinson robert.atkinson at genetix.com
Fri Jul 28 02:49:11 CDT 2006

I have a Wallac Wizard 1470-10 Gamma Counter for disposal. It's located
in the UK and is the 10 detector, 550 sample model. It has the later LCD
rather than CRT screen. It's fully working with manual, racks, labels
etc. I don't have room for this instrument and thought I'd offer it to
the list members. If no-one is interested I'll have to break it up. I'm
not a dealer, and am not looking for anything like dealer price.
Contact me off-list at  the address below or g8rpi at yahoo.co.uk
If this post is inappropriate please accept my apologies.

Robert Atkinson.

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