[ RadSafe ] Wallac Wizard 1470 Gamma counter for disposal

Marcel Schouwenburg m.schouwenburg at tudelft.nl
Fri Jul 28 03:24:05 CDT 2006

Dear Robert,

As moderator of RadSafe I consider this kind of postings not inappropriate.

With kind regards,

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Robert Atkinson wrote:

>I have a Wallac Wizard 1470-10 Gamma Counter for disposal. It's located
>in the UK and is the 10 detector, 550 sample model. It has the later LCD
>rather than CRT screen. It's fully working with manual, racks, labels
>etc. I don't have room for this instrument and thought I'd offer it to
>the list members. If no-one is interested I'll have to break it up. I'm
>not a dealer, and am not looking for anything like dealer price.
>Contact me off-list at  the address below or g8rpi at yahoo.co.uk
>If this post is inappropriate please accept my apologies.
>Robert Atkinson.
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