[ RadSafe ] isotopic power of Mo-99

Peter Thomas Peter.Thomas at arpansa.gov.au
Mon Jul 31 01:20:53 CDT 2006

Not quite sure what you mean by "isotopic power" but perhaps the
following might be of help ...


It's the main page for the evaluated data produced by the Laboratoire
National Henri Becquerel.
The Mo-99 decay scheme is quite involved (that is there are lots of
transitions to various excited states of Tc-99) so it's probably a good
idea to look at the "comments" link as well as the base "table" link.

Peter Thomas
Medical Physics Section

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Dear all:
  I do appreciate if someone could help me about the isotopic power of
the Mo-99 beta and beta gamma.
  I know that this data, are in the Nuclides2000 software or the
nuclides.net, but I do not have  anyone of this soft, because is too
expensive and I do  need this data very much. If you can send me a web
page to consult, it would be useful too.
  Ana Castellanos

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