[ RadSafe ] Baggage Inspection X-ray Systems

Kraus, George W. george.kraus at fda.hhs.gov
Mon Jul 31 13:04:30 CDT 2006

Good afternoon Mr. Borisky,

Here is the link to the FAQ for the baggage inspection:

Here is the link to the U.S. Federal performance standard for x-ray cabinet,
21 CFR 1020.40:



George W. Kraus, Jr.
Consumer Safety Officer
Electronic Products Branch
Office of Communication, Education
 and Radiation Programs
Center for Devices and 
 Radiological Health

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Dear Radsafer's,


Can someone direct me to the standard that specifies the Health Physics
requirements for baggage inspection X-ray systems like RAPISCAN,
DYNASCAN, etc, that use a belt to carry the item to be inspected through
an X-ray inspection area?  I'm most interested in seeing what leakage
monitoring and interlock/warning system testing and inspection
requirements are specified. Thanks!


Mike Borisky

ARL Radiation Safety

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