[ RadSafe ] Editorial: (Nuclear) Waste Matters

Glenn R. Marshall GRMarshall at philotechnics.com
Tue Jun 6 15:15:50 CDT 2006

Severely condensed from the industry publication "Nuclear Plant

Constellation Energy: new unit at either Calvert Cliffs (MD) or Nine
Mile (NY)

Entergy: new unit adjacent to River Bend (LA)

Georgia Power: one or more new unit at Vogtle (GA)

NuStart Energy: new unit at Grand Gulf (MS); another new unit at
Bellafonte (AL)

Progress Energy: new unit at Harris (NC)

SCE&G: new unit at VC Summer (SC)

I don't think any applications have been filed, but the above companies
have notified the NRC of their intent to apply for construction and
operating licenses for new units at existing nuclear sites. 

Only 30 years too late.  The biggest challenge now is finding people old
enough to remember how to build nuclear plants but not so old as to have
forgotten their address  :)

Glenn Marshall, CHP

Rogers Brent <Brent.Rogers at environment.nsw.gov.au> wrote:

I must've missed the story that told of these 12 applicants. Could you
provide a source, please?


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