[ RadSafe ] For Sale - technical reference books

Jerry Lahti jerry1018 at wowway.com
Wed Jun 14 09:45:39 CDT 2006

For Sale - A few very good historical references - all in like new condition
1. WASH-1250 - The Safety of Nuclear Power RReactors and Related Facilities, 
USAEC, July 1973 (sorry no page count, but it's about an inch thick)
2. Samuel Glasstone - Sourcebook on Atomic Energy, 2nd Ed., Van Nostrand, 
1958, hard cover, 641 pages
3. Theodore Rockwell - Creating the New World - Stories & Images from the 
Dawn of the Atomic Age, 2nd Ed., 2004, soft cover, 369 pages

Price for the lot, $45 including shipping by USPS Priority Mail within the US

Jerry Lahti
Naperville IL
jerry1018 at wowway.com

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