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The paper by Luan in JAPS gives better evidence that radiation prevents cancer (p<0.001) than we have for effectiveness of most therapies in medicine. 
  So does the Cameron analysis of NSWS. 
  Double blind experiments were not conducted for penicillin in pneumonia because the effectiveness was so obvious, as in the above.
  Of course stopping smoking is even better proven, and also has no double blind experiments..
  Howard Long MD MPH

John Jacobus <crispy_bird at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Dr. Luan,
If you have serious concerns about the high incidents
of lung cancers, I would think that you would foster
the idea the people should stop smoking. Studies have
shown the individual who stop smoking have reduced
incidents in lung cancer. There is no evidence that
increased exposures to radiation have done so. 

Also, as WE discussed several years ago, your
statements on reduction of cancers in Taiwanese
apartment dwellers was at best an incompete report. 
At worst, badly flawed. There has been no further
study of these people, as opposed to the Atomic Bomb
survivors. In your work was of limited scope. 

Maybe this is why many professional radiation
scientist consider this to be a "wild story."

> yuan-chi luan wrote:
> Dear Dr. Cohen:
> I am glad to have read your letter to Toronto
> Glope & mail in showing the the results of your 25
> years studies of radon gas whether dangerous to
> humankind, that the US population in the high
> average radon level county, have 30% of less lung
> cancer deaths in the low average radon level
> counties. Therefore the EPA of US and Canada
> governments in trying to reduce the radon
> concentration in homes and water are really
> unnecessary and unreasonable.. 
> The population in US high average radon level
> counties, have 30% of less lung cancers deaths
> attributed to they received higher internal
> radiation doses from radon. Assumed the cancer
> mortality in United States is same as in Taiwan, and
> aslo half of them is lung cancers, the United States
> might have about 200,000 lung cancer deaths each
> year. If 30% of lung cancer reduced in high average
> level counties ( supposed half in high lwvel
> country) then about 30,000 lung cancers deaths woudl
> be prevented. Acually, the external chronic
> radiation from Gamma ray could also reduce cancers.
> Dr. Luckey, the most important health physicist
> prsented a paper in 1999 ANS annual meeting
> indicated that, if the amount of gamma radiation
> received by the nuclear energy workers, was given to
> the whole US population through public health
> service, half of the cancer deaths of the
> population or 200,000 cancer deaths might be
> prevented each year, So that all kind radiation
> might reduce
> cancers...
> The excess internal doses from radon and external
> doses from gamma ray could easily reduce the cancer
> deaths of the population, but the excess radiation
> could not easily deliver to the population. The
> coincidently incident of the Co-60 contamination
> apartments in Taiwan seemed to demonstrate that
> chronic radiation doses were not only easy to give
> off but also could prevent about 97% of their
> cancers by arranging some low activity of Co-60 on
> the ceiling of the living rooms and bed rooms in
> exposing the chronic radiation doses to the
> population in about 50 mSv/y or 5000 mrem/y, as if
> their cancers have been immunized, though there are
> some health physicists still considered as a wild
> story.. .. . 
> Best regards
> Y. C. Luan Senior Scientist of NuSTA and
> Consultant of NBC Society.
> ---------------------------------
> From: Bernard Cohen 
> To: "Jim Muckerheide, RSH" 
> Subject: Letter to Toronto Globe & Mail
> Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 15:03:58 -0400
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-- John
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