AW: [ RadSafe ] Fentograms - Testing by Axel Gerdes

Franz Schönhofer franz.schoenhofer at
Thu Mar 9 13:31:12 CST 2006


Please read carefully the text repeated below again and especially the
wording. In the first sentence it is reported that only sample A "showed
clear signs of DU". The second sentence states "a total uranium
concentration". DU and "total uranium" are rather different substances, so
there is not necessarily any contradiction or DU present in the control
group of two's urine. 

You'll have to wait for more than half a day for receiving my comment and
the associated links for facts, including numbers. I have posted it at 1:45
pm Middle European Wintertime (12:45pm Greenwich Mean Time), but since all
my postings to RADSAFE undergo a process of moderator approval since some
time the spontaneity of immediate answers and the velocity of exchange of
facts and information from me has been lost. 

John, I hope that you do not fall into the trap of the various persons who
object serious work - which Gerdes analytical work is - because it has been
distorted and misused by certain groups or by massmedia, which need some
horror stories to rise their sales. 

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> After analyzing all three, Gerdes reported that only
> sample A - Matthew's urine - showed clear signs of DU.
> It contained a total uranium concentration that was "4
> to 8 times higher" than specimens B and C, Gerdes
> reported."
> . . .
> So, how did the reporters get DU in their bodies?
> Also, note the lack of real numbers with units of
> concentraton.

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