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As noted in the article: 
. . .
" few months ago, The News submitted a 24-hour urine
sample from Matthew to Gerdes. As a control, we also
gave the lab 24-hour urine samples from two Daily News

The three specimens were marked only with the letters
A, B and C, so the lab could not know which sample
belonged to the soldier.

After analyzing all three, Gerdes reported that only
sample A - Matthew's urine - showed clear signs of DU.
It contained a total uranium concentration that was "4
to 8 times higher" than specimens B and C, Gerdes
. . .

So, how did the reporters get DU in their bodies? 
Also, note the lack of real numbers with units of

(When I was growing up near NYC, the Daily News was
the paper that gave the glaring headlines and photos. 
Just one step above tabloid.)

--- Roger Helbig <rhelbig at california.com> wrote:

> Radsafers, what can you tell me about the quality of
> testing by Axel Gerdes, the use of a Fentogram as
> unit of measurement, and anything else about this
> supposed double blind testing of the urine of former
> NY National Guardsman Gerard Matthew ..  I am also
> looking for more information about the Pediatrician
> who has supposedly confirmed that the birth defects
> in Matthew's daughter were due to Matthew's alleged
> exposure to DU - (I am still looking for his name
> and hospital affiliation)
> Thanks
> Roger Helbig
> Earlier this year (2004), The (New York Daily) News
> submitted urine samples from Guardsmen of the 442nd
> to former Army doctor Asaf Durakovic and Axel
> Gerdes, a geologist at Goethe University in
> Frankfurt, Germany. The German lab specializes in
> testing for minute quantities of uranium, a
> complicated procedure that costs up to $1,000 per
> test. 
> The lab is one of approximately 50 in the world that
> can detect quantities as tiny as fentograms - one
> part per quadrillionth. 
> >From NY Daily News ..

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