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Here is the reponse from one of out researchers.

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Subject: Re: Where do you get your information on
radionuclides from Russia?

They read the literature; really, they can read......

I've had 5 different groups of Russians in my office
claiming that they each had exclusive Gov't control on
exporting Ac-225 - they all want to sell it at the DOE
price w/o any proof that they actually have any and
that it's any good or pure as well.  

I deal with Isonics now and they deal with the
Russians and that works for me - I'm tired of Russian
Mafia front men in my office trying to sell me

At 07:52 PM 2/27/2006, you wrote:

Someone was asking how to get information on how to
get material from Russia. How do the Russian know you
interested in their source material?

-- John 

--- Maury Siskel <maurysis at ev1.net> wrote:

> Hi John,
> Thanks for posting the link to the DOE IG report.
> After having read all 
> of it, there remains some disappointment. There are
> abundant references 
> to the various isotopes being unavailable from US
> sources, but nothing 
> is mentioned about procuring them from Russia. Can
> you add any 
> confirmation that Russian sources were used?  I
> think that action is 
> completely appropriate, but wish it could be more
> widely recognized that 
> we do need people and materials from overseas. The
> present circus over 
> some US port management by a UAE enterprise is, I
> think, a massive 
> oxymoron. Yet, here we are with the Panama Canal
> being managed by China.
> 'Happy media' are hard to come by.  <g>
> An apparent national rebirth of isolationism is
> truly sad. Our  
> international involvements may be overdone, but I
> see disaster ahead if 
> we return to to the isolationism of the 1930s.
> Thanks for any info you 
> might add.
> Best regards,
> Maury&Dog     maurysis at ev1.net
> ====================
> John Jacobus wrote:
> >>From an e-mail newsletter I get.  The problem with
> DOE not supporting medical radionuclide research is
> not
> >new.  It has been going on for 10 years.  Spending
> another $750K will not fix the problem. Our
> researchers are starting to order material from
> Russia.
> >
> >See http://www.ig.doe.gov/pdf/ig-0709.pdf
> >

"It is not the job of public-affairs officers to alter, filter or 
adjust engineering or scientific material produced by NASA's technical 
MICHAEL D. GRIFFIN, NASA administrator.

-- John
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