[ RadSafe ] Will Robert Cherry and John Johnson face the truth about DU?

James Salsman james at bovik.org
Wed Mar 1 14:59:51 CST 2006

Like Dan Fahey and Roger Helbig, I abhor misinformation from
depleted uranium munitions opponents.  However, those responsible
for the atrocity of pyrophoric depleted uranium munitions and
the affect they have had on the men and women serving in the
United States' armed forces is nothing short of gross negligence.

I challenge those participating on this list to step forward:

A.  Will Robert Cherry and John R. Johnson join me in calling
for the immediate testing of uranium munitions combustion
products for soluble uranyl ion (e.g., UO3(g) vapor) such as
has been empirically detected by Salbu et al.[1]?

B.  Will Robert Cherry and John R. Johnson join me in asking
Margaret A. K. Ryan, Director of the DoD Birth and Infant
Health Registry, to release the trend information regarding
the congenital malformation rates among the children of
combat-deployed 1991 Gulf War veterans, which in 2000 were
already about two and three times the average for males and
females, respectively[2]?

C.  Will Robert Cherry and John R. Johnson join me in calling
for immediate chromosome aberration analysis[3] of several
species of mammals exposed to depleted uranium combustion
product inhalation in order to empirically judge the genotoxic
effects of uranium combustion product inhalation poisoning[4-9]?

What does it say about their regard for the men and women
serving in the United States armed forces that these so-called
professionals and their colleagues have not already been
asking these questions?  Are they so cowardly that they feel
it more important to depend on a poison with as-yet-unknown
long-term effects than to take personal responsibility for
their actions?  I see no evidence to the contrary.  It is a
shame that I, a private citizen with no more interest in the
matter than my daughter's future reproductive health, must
call them to account.

James Salsman


[1] Salbu, B.; Janssens, K.; Lind, O.C.; Proost, K.; Gijsels, L., 
Danesic, P.R. (2005) "Oxidation states of uranium in depleted uranium 
particles from Kuwait." Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 78, 
125–135: http://www.bovik.org/du/Salbu-uranyl-detected.pdf Abstract: 
"Environmental or health impact assessments for ... DU munitions should 
... take into account the presence of respiratory UO3...."

[2] Kang H, Magee C, Mahan C, Lee K, Murphy F, Jackson L, Matanoski G. 
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Abstract: "Both men and women deployed to the Gulf theater reported 
significant excesses of birth defects among their liveborn infants. 
These excess rates also extended to the subset of 'moderate to severe' 
birth defects [males: OR= 1.78 (CI = 1.19-2.66); females: OR = 2.80 (CI 
= 1.26-6.25)]."

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"chemical generation of hydroxyl radicals by depleted uranium in vitro 
exceeds radiolytic generation by one million-fold...."

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