[ RadSafe ] Will Robert Cherry and John Johnson face the truth about DU?

Sandy Perle sandyfl at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 1 15:35:22 CST 2006

On 1 Mar 2006 at 12:59, James Salsman wrote:

> I challenge those participating on this list to step forward:

As a professional HP, and not an expert on DU, I would be interested 
in a factual discussion regarding the points posted, as well as the 
various references. I am not interested in just more name calling and 
other derogatory remarks focused on James Salsman, as has been the 
norm her eon Radsafe recently. Let's debate the facts and not engage 
in personal attacks. As stated, I am not an expert on DU and am 
interested in a true scientific debate. I've often observed what was 
once considered to be "without a doubt" later be found to be 180 
degrees from what we were told and taught. 

Let the true debate begin, on the evidence, not the perceptions.

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