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Thu Mar 2 10:19:44 CST 2006

All of us on this list admire intellectual inquiry and healthy skepticism. But you, Mr. James Salsman, crossed the line of professional (or even common courtesy) in calling a decorated war hero who served his country and protected his "men" all of his professional career a "coward".  I dare say you don't even know the man!!!!!!! How are we to make any reasonable progress towards true scientific discovery regarding the terrible illnesses of many of the returning war veterans if people like you and Rokke already know all there is to know on the subject and have irrefutable proof of its cause. but just can't share it with idiots like us because our minds have been clouded by technical education and a belief in the scientific method? Please find another group of people to hate, rather than those who spent "their life" in uniform, of which I am one. By the way, I had a (very) little to do with the Air Force choosing a DU anti-armor round for the A-10 GAU-8 gun, and I assure you no one there had any inkling of possible "side effects" from its use!! It was clearly the best round for the purpose, which incidentally was to destroy tanks.                           Regards to all,
                                    Ed Battle, COL USAF (Ret)

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