[ RadSafe ] Namibia open for uranium business

James Salsman james at bovik.org
Fri Mar 3 08:21:04 CST 2006


Option to Acquire 100 % of Namura Mineral Resources

     BURNABY, BC, March 2 - Xemplar Energy Corp. is pleased to announce 
that it has entered into an option agreement with William Gennen 
McDowall, Elite Vantage Development Limited, Luxwing Holdings Limited 
and Namura Mineral Resources, Prop., Ltd., to earn a 100% interest in 
the capital stock of Namura, a private company incorporated in the 
Republic of Namibia. Namura is the beneficial holder of Exclusive 
Reconnaissance License (ERL) numbers 63, 64 and 65 covering uranium 
exploration properties in Namibia. It is also the registered holder of a 
fourth pending ERL application number 62. These ERL's cover various 
uranium occurrences and uranium mineralization types, which include 
Rossing, Langer Heinrich and sandstone-conglomerate and siltstone hosted 
epigenetic/diagenetic type deposits.

     Namibia is a politically stable country with an excellent 
infrastructure and an established diverse mining industry. Operating 
mines in Namibia include the Rossing uranium mine, which has been in 
production since 1976. Recent activity includes Paladin Resources Ltd's 
Langer Heinrich deposit and Forsys Metals Corp.'s Valencia Deposit....

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