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Mercado, Don don.mercado at lmco.com
Fri Mar 3 14:12:12 CST 2006

Conklin, Al wrote:

"I've sat on the sidelines reading with interest and respect, Mr.
Salsman's reasoning, (though not agreeing with him) and agree that he
crossed the line before, and I naively expected an apology; but, with
this note, he has gone way too far and made it very clear that he has
contempt for the people who keep us free.  No more respect, Mr..

J.S. obviously has no concept of the reality of world politics. As has
been discussed on the Know_Nukes list at length, sometimes an adversary
isn't interested in negotiating. They just want to kill you by any means
possible. That's it, their whole purpose in life, and they will die
trying. At that point reasoning doesn't work and force must be used to
survive. Kill or be killed. When it comes down to that, I want people
like Bob Cherry and Ed Battle ready to kill on command bec when they do,
I will be alive, and the guy who wants to kill me will be dead (my
preferred outcome.) However, if they have to go into battle, and in this
case there is no choice, I will buy them the best weapons and training
money can buy so they have the best chance of winning and coming home to
what they were fighting for, and my eternal gratitude. Make our forces
as overwhelming and deadly as possible, then stand back and let them do
their job (which, by the way, allows JS the freedom to post his
politically motivated pseudoscience comic relief. Let's drop him into
Tehran with a couple of Allah cartoons tattooed on his butt and see how
long his freedom to express himself lasts. Go try to negociate with
them, Jimmy.) Troops and teachers; an underappreciated bunch.

DU is a tiny speck in the HUGE mass of toxins that float around a battle
field, but it is dang good force multiplier. The benefits outweigh the
risks, if there are any risks. A low cost, extremely effective self
sharpening armor penetrator that is less toxic than the alternatives
which don't work as well. Lead poisoning is prob the most frequently
fatal disease for our brave fighters.

Those who turn their swords into plowshares will be ruled by those who

Next stop, Iran.

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