[ RadSafe ] Insult

RadSafeInst RadSafeInst at cableone.net
Fri Mar 3 16:51:25 CST 2006

Dear Mr. Salsman, I don't believe I could possibly say anything to effect your judgement of me or my profession at this point, viz a viz your latest comment:
I owe no courtesy to the profession of killing humans on
command, as I am no longer any part of it.  Has professional courtesy become so powerful that it allows gross negligence to continue unchecked?
I would just make two trivial comments; (1) we were looking for something to destroy armor more efficiently than lead or tungsten, neither of which is harmless when misused......and there was no "gross negligence" involved. (2) enjoy your freedom to rail against me and the U.S. military any way you choose, any time you choose and with whatever invectives make you feel better!! Yea!!! That's why we serve.........                                              Ed Battle  

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