[ RadSafe ] querry: ANSI N43.3-1993

Toro toro at ispt.ro
Sun Mar 5 14:57:09 CST 2006

Dear Collegues,

I need urgent a copy of: 
ANSI 43.3-1993 Installations using Non-Medical X-Ray and Sealed Gamma Ray
Sources, Energy up to 10MeV and
NCRP Report no.147 Structural Shielding Design for Medical X Ray Imaging
If somebody could send me an electronic version of these documents my
gratitude will follow him for years.
Thank you in advance

Laszlo Toro
Laszlo Toro PhD
senior scientist

Institute of Public Health Timisoara
Radiation Hygiene Dept.

RO 300226 Timisoara
Bd. V. Babes 16-18
ph. +40 256 492101 ext 34
fax +40 256 492101
e-mail toro at ispt.ro

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