[ RadSafe ] James Salsman, DU, and peer-reviewed literature

Maury Siskel maurysis at ev1.net
Sun Mar 5 22:25:59 CST 2006

Just a note to say thank you for the trouble you have taken to prepare 
this direct, incisive summary of the the Salsman stuff. You put solid 
good effort into this review and I'm certain that many others are 
grateful whether spoken or not. Thank you, Steven.
Maury&Dog   (maurysis at ev1.net)

Steven Dapra wrote:

> March 5
> To all:
>         I will have to take back what I said a day or two ago, and 
> intervene in this dispute about DU.  (Caution:  this is a long 
> message; about 2000 words.)
>         On March 1, James Salsman offered a challenge to Robert Cherry 
> and John R. Johnson, asking them to join him in calling for some 
> testing or release of data pertaining to depleted uranium (DU) and its 
> effects.  To support his claims about the toxicity of DU he offered 
> nine refereed papers, and gave brief real or purported quotes from 
> each one. 

--------------  snipped  --------------

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