[ RadSafe ] querry: ANSI N43.3-1993

Toro toro at ispt.ro
Tue Mar 7 05:21:03 CST 2006

Dar All,

I was out of my office yesterday and far from any Internet resources, I was
unable to respond to your messages, I apologise for this.
Thank you for everybody who tryed to help me in this problem. 
I did not know, is a problem the existence of an
electronic copy of this standard. I think is too much to ask somebody to
scan some tens of pages, it is a hard work (and will be very difficult for
my gratitude to follow her or him fro a long time proportional to the
effort). I think the best is to forget my querry, I will manage the problem
in a different manner (this one was the
easy one).
I agree with Scott and Luke on the copyright of these materials. Not the
price was the problem (I think a Visa or a Mastercard is the same in the
States as in Romania, I can pay with it and some tens of dollar are not a
big deal). The problem is, the document is unavailable in electronic format
and to receive in time the postal taxes exceed the document price.
Anyway, thanks again for everybody for your kindness.

Laszlo Toro

Speaking on the price , I found on the net two sites where I can by the doc:
one with 35USD and 69 pages; the second 69USD and 42 pages. Interesting!

Laszlo Toro PhD
senior scientist

Institute of Public Health Timisoara
Radiation Hygiene Dept.

RO 300226 Timisoara
Bd. V. Babes 16-18
ph. +40 256 492101 ext 34
fax +40 256 492101
e-mail toro at ispt.ro

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