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James and other Radsafers

You wrote
"As for the legal questions, I'll deal with those at some point
in the future.  I would like to know whether you think that a
survey of college students from military families  be used to
determine the extent to which potential exposure to depleted
uranium fumes has dissuaded military recruitment.  I think such a
survey could be made fairly accurate and could be very reasonably
inexpensive to conduct."

I think the first step should be a detailed non-biased review of the current
published liturature such as the WHO one I pointed out yesterday.

Another one I have found useful is the book by Harley et al, "Depleted
Uranium, A Review of the Scientific Literature as it Pertains to Gulf War
Illnesses" Rand 1999. Information on this book and other "newer"
publications can be found on their website (

Are there any sources of funding "out there"?

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