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Durakovic respected .. I never heard that .. I heard that he was forced out of the Army among other things .. I have heard that he is a fraud and that he finds DU everywhere without any regard to naturally occurring uranium, such as his so-called well water findings in Afghanistan.

Maybe since the rest have not heard why Salsman claims to be so interested in Uranyl Oxide, we should share this with them .. this is an original Salsman quote

"I'm complaining about the reproductive toxicity:  soldier
goes to a battlefield and inhales some uranyl oxide, comes
home, has kids, and the kids' heart valves are half closed.
The mom doesn't have to have been anywhere near the fighting."

Roger Helbig

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Steven Dapra wrote:

 >... how could you possibly come up with all those carefully
 > manipulated quotes?

I believe my quotes, even the few which aren't exactly verbatim,
correctly represent the text from which they are taken.

 > And how did you manage to so cleverly extract those eight words
 > from Durakovic's review paper?

That quote was verbatim.  I note that Durakovic seems to be somewhat
more respected in the pro-DU community than Rokke, Sternglass, Moret,
and others, and I believe that is justified because he has done some
of the best work.  However, I think the prejudice against Sternglass
is absurd:  nobody was able to suggest any serious problems with the
tooth fairy project's scientific protocols:  The best RADSAFE could do
was a question about potential radium contamination which was quite a
reach at best.


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