[ RadSafe ] Will Robert Cherry and John Johnson face the truth about DU?

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You know, Jimmy, you are the first person ever  to tell me that I was cowardly. Would you care to tell me that in person?

Bob C
> From: James Salsman <james at bovik.org>
> Date: 2006/03/01 Wed PM 03:59:51 EST
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> Subject: [ RadSafe ] Will Robert Cherry and John Johnson face the truth
> 	about DU?
> Like Dan Fahey and Roger Helbig, I abhor misinformation from
> depleted uranium munitions opponents.  However, those responsible
> for the atrocity of pyrophoric depleted uranium munitions and
> the affect they have had on the men and women serving in the
> United States' armed forces is nothing short of gross negligence.
> I challenge those participating on this list to step forward:
> A.  Will Robert Cherry and John R. Johnson join me in calling
> for the immediate testing of uranium munitions combustion
> products for soluble uranyl ion (e.g., UO3(g) vapor) such as
> has been empirically detected by Salbu et al.[1]?
> B.  Will Robert Cherry and John R. Johnson join me in asking
> Margaret A. K. Ryan, Director of the DoD Birth and Infant
> Health Registry, to release the trend information regarding
> the congenital malformation rates among the children of
> combat-deployed 1991 Gulf War veterans, which in 2000 were
> already about two and three times the average for males and
> females, respectively[2]?
> C.  Will Robert Cherry and John R. Johnson join me in calling
> for immediate chromosome aberration analysis[3] of several
> species of mammals exposed to depleted uranium combustion
> product inhalation in order to empirically judge the genotoxic
> effects of uranium combustion product inhalation poisoning[4-9]?
> What does it say about their regard for the men and women
> serving in the United States armed forces that these so-called
> professionals and their colleagues have not already been
> asking these questions?  Are they so cowardly that they feel
> it more important to depend on a poison with as-yet-unknown
> long-term effects than to take personal responsibility for
> their actions?  I see no evidence to the contrary.  It is a
> shame that I, a private citizen with no more interest in the
> matter than my daughter's future reproductive health, must
> call them to account.
> Sincerely,
> James Salsman
> References:
> [1] Salbu, B.; Janssens, K.; Lind, O.C.; Proost, K.; Gijsels, L., 
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> particles from Kuwait." Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 78, 
> 125?135: http://www.bovik.org/du/Salbu-uranyl-detected.pdf Abstract: 
> "Environmental or health impact assessments for ... DU munitions should 
> ... take into account the presence of respiratory UO3...."
> [2] Kang H, Magee C, Mahan C, Lee K, Murphy F, Jackson L, Matanoski G. 
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> These excess rates also extended to the subset of 'moderate to severe' 
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> = 1.26-6.25)]."
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> birth defects in offspring of persons exposed to DU."
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> "chemical generation of hydroxyl radicals by depleted uranium in vitro 
> exceeds radiolytic generation by one million-fold...."
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