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vaibhav sinha vaibhav_sinha2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 9 03:39:25 CST 2006

  Dear All,
  I would like to mention that I am one International (Nationality- Indian) research student from Research Center Juelich, Germany. I want to perform doctoral research work in the field of radiological protection, currently looking for the doctoral research position in the same field. Presently I am working with Division for Safety & Radiation Protection, FZ-Juelich (Research Centre Juelich, Helmholtz Foundation) for my Masters Thesis Work carrying assignment "Design and construction of children calibration phantom for whole body counters ". 
  This Master thesis work will help to measure internal radioactive contamination in children more exactly than with the usual ‘standard calibration’ for adults by using realistic children phantoms for the weight class 3 - 20 kg. Whole body counting facilities all over the world which are used to monitor occupationally radiation-exposed adults, are not well prepared for the measurement of incorporated radionuclides in children, because suitable calibrations for the corresponding weight classes are not available due to limited availibility of children phantoms. Children phantoms which have been developed so far describe the bodies of children only very roughly. So by designing and constructing realistic children phantoms we can calibrate whole body counters for children (weight class 3 – 20 kg) more precisely and can obtain reliable activity values which are required to make realistic dose assessments for children. The entire work will help to make activity measurement in children
 more reliably during the radiological accident period (like chernobyl, Goiana) or after that.
  An abstract for the publication of this work has been submitted at the Montpellier Workshop for the Internal Dosimetry of Radionuclides.
  Furthermore from my education, I am student of European Masters in Nuclear Applications (120 ECTS Course) from Aachen University, Germany. I am mentioning here a brief summary of my program for your kind consideration of undersigned as a suitable research candidate at your research group. In curriculum of our program, I studied subjects like Nuclear physics, Nuclear Chemistry, Radiation detection and Measurement, Radiation Ecology, Radiation Biology, Reactor Physics, Nuclear Data, Advanced Reactor Physics, Nuclear Power Generation, Nuclear Fuels, Radionuclide Production and Development, Application of Accelerators, and Dosimetry of Incorporated Nuclides.
  I did practical training in ‘Nuclear and Radiochemistry’, ‘Nuclear Physics and Radiation Detection’ & ‘Measurements’ in addition to "Modules in Advanced Radiochemical Methods" at our Nuclear and Radiochemistry Laboratory. Furthermore, I also did training in Modules in Nuclear Imaging (PET & MRI) under the collaboration of our University with esteemed TU Madrid, Spain & FZ Juelich GmbH Germany.
  On the wider aspect and taking the field of Reactor technology, I went through Practical training at VRABEC training reactor at Czech Technical University Prague, Czech Republic (Organised by Aachen University of Applied Sciences in Collaboration with Czech Technical University).
  On top of above, my previous background is a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering wherein I was evaluated with Honours.
  At this stage, I believe I need an able guidance for shaping myself as a good researcher in the field of Radiation Protection and hence want to be a part of good working group (which is doing research in the field of Radiation Protection). Request your goodself to kindly consider my candidature, if you have doctoral research position available.
  Vaibhav Sinha
  Division for Safety & Radiation Protection,
  Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH,
  D52425 Juelich, Germany
  Room Nr. 150, Bldg. Nr. 4.3 Institute S-B
  Ph. 0049-2461-61-6084
  Fax No. 0049-2461/61-2166
  E.mail: v.sinha at fz-juelich.de 
  0049-176-2097-5170 (Cell)
  vaibhavsinha at hotmail.com

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