[ RadSafe ] Barium Chloride

Khalid Aleissa kaleissa at kacst.edu.sa
Mon Mar 13 15:32:17 CST 2006

It is well known that Barium Chloride is suitable for removal of Radium from water. It is also commonly used for mining water treatment to remove Radium. I wonder if any has information about the suitability of it for removal of Radium from cities water in any municipals water treatment plants. I am sure that Barium by it self poses some chemical toxicity (its risk burden is 0.7 ppm). Furthermore, it cause Ba(Ra) SO4 scale that accumulate different radioactive scale spots in the pipe networking as well as sand filters ...etc.

Any comment on this regard is highly appreciated.

Have a Nice Day! 

Khalid Aleissa

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