[ RadSafe ] Article on LNT Fallacy

Scott, Bobby BScott at lrri.org
Wed Mar 15 11:48:28 CST 2006

Dear Colleagues Worldwide:


My article entitled "Low dose radiation risk extrapolation fallacy
associated with the linear-no-threshold model" is now available via the
web.  It was published in the Volume 13, No. 2, Part 2 (December 2005)
of the BELLE Newsletter.  The web address for the indicated newsletter
edition follows:




The BELLE Newsletter paper was submitted over a year ago.  Now I no
longer give the "LNT hypothesis" the honor of referring to it as the
"LNT model".  I now simply refer to the "LNT hypothesis".  This is the
current trend worldwide as you are likely well aware.


The following articles also appear in the newsletter :


Suresh Rattan, "Principles and practice of hormetic treatment of aging
and age-related diseases."


Mark Mattson, "Hormesis and disease resistance: activation of cellular
stress response pathways." 


Myron Pollycove and Ludwig Feinendegen, "Low-dose radioimmuno-therapy of



Bobby R. Scott

Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute

Albuquerque, NM, USA

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