[ RadSafe ] Washington State DU Bill - The Task Force

Roger Helbig rhelbig at california.com
Wed Mar 15 22:31:02 CST 2006

Creation of Task Force
A task force is established to study the health effects of hazardous materials exposure to the DU
during military service. The task force is directed to:
• initiate a health registry for veterans and military personnel who may have been exposed to
the DU or other hazardous materials;
• develop a plan of outreach to and follow-up of military personnel;
• prepare a report for service members regarding potential DU and other toxic exposures and
precaution recommendations while in a combat zone; and
• provide other appropriate recommendations.
The task force consists of:
• the Adjutant General;
• the Director of the Department of Veterans Affairs;
• the Secretary of the Department of Health;
• six members of the Legislature;
• two veterans with knowledge of or experience with exposure to hazardous materials; and
• four physicians or scientists with knowledge of or experience in the detection or health
effects of exposure to the DU or other hazardous materials.
Staff support to the task force is provided by the Joint Veterans and Military Affairs Committee.
Task force expenses must be paid jointly by the Senate and the House of Representatives, subject
to approval by the Senate Facilities and Operations Committee and the House of Representatives
Executive Rules Committee.

I wonder if members of the above task force must be residents of Washington State or whether activists from out of state, ie. Rokke or Durakovic could be placed on the task force/

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