[ RadSafe ] Re: State of Washington Passes DU Bill

James Salsman james at readsay.com
Thu Mar 16 19:51:05 CST 2006

> Does this mean that someone is contemplating doing lung biopsies of those folks?

Why bother with lung biopsies when white blood cell karyotyping is
non-invasive, so much less expensive, and will show the damage from
soluble uranyl oxide which has long since translocated from the lung.
It's essentially the same test as thousands of expecting mothers get
from amniocentesis every day.

Wilson, W.B. (1961) "High-Pressure High-Temperature Investigation of the 
Uranium-Oxygen System," Journal Of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry, 19, 
212-222, from page 213:

         1/3 U3O8(s) + 1/6 O2(g) --> UO3(g)

See:  http://www.bovik.org/du/Wilson61.pdf

James Salsman

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