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James Salsman james at
Fri Mar 17 20:15:44 CST 2006

Thanks, Franz, karyotyping is essentially the same test as a cancer
biopsy, too, and it is as invasive as drawing a few cm^3s of blood.


Franz Schönhofer wrote:

> James,
> Again you show a total absence of knowledge, accompanied by a statement,
> which pretends that you are an absolut expert on what you post.
> You call "white blood cell karyotyping" a non-invasive method. What has this
> to do with "soluble uranyl oxide"? You claim, that this is essentially the
> same as "thousands of expecting mothers get from amniocentesis every day" or
> with other words you classify amniocentesis as a "non-invasive" method,
> which suggests, that you do not know, what this is. First of all,
> amniocentesis is a highly invasive method, taking liquor from the placenta
> in which the foetus is, by the use of a special needle, which is stuck
> through the mothers belly. Secondly your sloppy description pretends, that
> this is an everyday routine for expecting mothers. It is not! This
> investigation is only justified and carried out, if there is the very
> serious question of a genetic defect on the foetus, because it is associated
> with risks. At least this is the case in my country Austria. I know this for
> more than sure, because "the woman I once was married to" worked in this
> field. 
> Your sloppy English would even suggest, that expecting mothers are subject
> to amniocentesis every day!!!!!
> This message was sent on Saturday, 18 March 2006, at about 01:01 a.m. Middle
> European Winter Time. Any delay in receiving it is due to the necessity of
> moderator approval of my messages. I hope that my pointing to James Salsmans
> lacking knowledge is not classified as a personal attack again. 
> Best regards and good night,
> Franz
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>>>Does this mean that someone is contemplating doing lung biopsies of
>>those folks?
>>Why bother with lung biopsies when white blood cell karyotyping is
>>non-invasive, so much less expensive, and will show the damage from
>>soluble uranyl oxide which has long since translocated from the lung.
>>It's essentially the same test as thousands of expecting mothers get
>>from amniocentesis every day.
>>Wilson, W.B. (1961) "High-Pressure High-Temperature Investigation of the
>>Uranium-Oxygen System," Journal Of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry, 19,
>>212-222, from page 213:
>>         1/3 U3O8(s) + 1/6 O2(g) --> UO3(g)
>>James Salsman
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