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degriffiths at adelphia.net degriffiths at adelphia.net
Mon Mar 20 09:30:41 CST 2006

Hey there!

This question has come up, and I was wondering what the standard is for your location about female patients that may need Nuclear Medicine, CT, or General X-Ray studies?

Do you have a pre exam assessment form that the patient has to sign off on stating that they are not pregnant? Or do you just have the techs verbally ask the patients if they are pregnant?

If the patient is pregnant what do you do? Would you have them sign off on a form stating that they understand the risks of the study after discucssing them with the radiologist? Have the radiologist sign off that the study is ok to be done? Not do the study?

Also, do you know of a good supplier that has the signs that state if you are pregnant you must inform the technologist? I have only found one or two in my searches so far.
Thanks for any help you can give me!

Diane Griffiths
degriffiths at adelphia.net

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