[ RadSafe ] response to allegations and news: Vets plus DU plus the Law

James Salsman james at bovik.org
Mon Mar 20 17:58:29 CST 2006

The Mississippi study cited is flawed; this one is better, and
from the same time period:

"Prevalence of Birth Defects Among Infants of Gulf War Veterans
in Arkansas, Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, and Iowa,
1989–1993," by M.R.G. "Happy" Araneta, et al., in _Birth Defects
Research (Part A)_, vol. 67, pp. 246–260 (2003.)


Note that the Basrah University Hospital civilians didn't have
the same spike that the U.S. and U.K. troops did.


Steven Dapra wrote:

> March 19
> To all:
>          You can read about this alleged Mississippi study 
> here:  <http://www.ntanet.net/traprock.html>, in an article by Robert 
> Holloway.  There is some material about Leuren Moret, Doug Rokke, and the 
> Traprock Peace Center.  You will also find Otto Raabe's posting to RADSAFE 
> about how he confronted Rokke at a meeting in Davis, CA.
>          The CDC looked in the the MS claims, and found nothing.  Holloway 
> has a citation to Military Medicine (161:1-6; 1996) about the MS 
> findings.  The authors are Penman, Tarver, and Currier.
>          Please follow the link and read the article.  It will be well 
> worth your time.  Holloway did a real piece of detective work on this and 
> is to be commended for his efforts.
> Steven Dapra
> sjd at swcp.com
> At 08:19 AM 3/20/06 +1100, you wrote:
>>Does anyone know how I can get a copy of this study cited in the Pulse of
>>the Twin Cities below:?
>>"In a study of 251 Mississippi soldiers who
>>had normal children during pre-Iraq War, 67 percent of their post-war
>>babies were born with severe birth defects—cyclops (single eye), infants 
>>missing arms, legs, organs. And if those children live and reproduce,
>>will their genetic damage be inherited?"
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