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That's a good one John !

Brent -- I'm surprised that your search didn't turn up my post at

It is instructive to consider instead examples like the Kunstkammer
collection, which was assembled many, many years before the discovery of
radioactivity and nuclear fission, bombs, and reactors: Anatomical Rarities
of the St. Petersburg Kunstkammer

{begin quote}
In 1718, Peter the Great issued his famous decree about the collecting of
monsters in order to try to explain the nature of physical defects.   In the
decree, instructions were given on how to preserve specimens and deliver
them to St. Petersburg.   In the first ten years after the decree,
monsters - living and dead - were regularly delivered to the Kunstkammer.

Abnormalities have always attracted attention.   In the Talmud, a 2nd
century AD text of ancient Rabbinic writings, there is a list of more than
100 types of birth defects.   Among the specimens kept in the Kunstkammer
are examples of different physical defects as well as examples of various
degrees of twin accretion.   These defects that people have observed since
ancient times have perhaps given rise to the legends about the Cyclops,
double-faced Janus, as well as harpies, water nymphs, and fauns.
<end quote>


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I believe that was a science fiction movie.


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