[ RadSafe ] Beta Attenuation through Gloves

Nestle, David R. David.Nestle at nmcco.com
Fri Mar 24 07:21:12 CST 2006


This question is more specific to the power plant folks, but others are
encouraged to provide me any insight that they can.

When assessing the need for extremity dosimetry, what type of credit do
you take for beta attenuation through gloves used with standard
anti-contamination protective clothing?  Have you established any
particular dose reduction factors for each layer of gloves?  Do you
employ any particular survey techniques to get "real world" readings
prior to making the decision?

If applicable and easily obtainable, it would also help me if you could
provide some characterization of the source term (dominant beta
sources/energies) that you are assuming in your assessments and the
density thickness that you consider for the gloves that you use.

I look forward to your responses.  Have a super day.

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