[ RadSafe ] Re: Kansas to let nuclear plant guards "shoot to kill"

Michael Bohan mike.bohan at yale.edu
Fri Mar 24 16:16:53 CST 2006

Hello Stewart and RadSafers;

I have seen examples of acoustic weapons and for the most part they  
have been impractical, but check out this underwater proposal that has  
recently appeared in the current issue of Popular Science.


With regard to the "Shoot to Kill Order", my father was a police  
officer and after he retired from the police, he was a security  
supervisor at a nuclear power plant and he always told me that if you  
pull your weapon and you're going to shoot, you always "Shoot to Kill".  
  So this is nothing new, it's just warning the wackos, that they  
shouldn't test the system, unless they're willing to risk having a  
"very bad day".


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> Hi all,
> What's the LD-50 dB concerning "shout to kill".
> Just a bit of humor for a dull Friday. Strictly in jest over a simple  
> [but
> funny] typo.  I recall reading decades ago about the French military  
> trying
> to develop a focused high intensity, low frequency sound weapon that  
> would
> vibrate internal organs of an enemy soldier in range --with the goal of
> prompting incapacitating/fatal internal organ damage. Anyone ever hear  
> about
> such a strange use of intense low-frequency sound energy??
> Stu Farber
> ============================

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