[ RadSafe ] Re: Kansas to let nuclear plant guards "shoot to kill"

NeilKeeney at aol.com NeilKeeney at aol.com
Fri Mar 24 18:04:31 CST 2006

Mike and Stu:
I also recall seeing a ten-second sound-bite on an acoustical  contraption 
that had originally been patented in France - long ago.   As I recall, a lab 
test of the full-scale model resulted in the prompt  death of one of the 
technicians (organs converted to something akin  to a gelatinous plasma) in the 
immediate area and further development for  a meaningful practical application, 
other than killing lab techs, was  abandoned at least publicly.  It does not 
surprise me at all to find  that it may have been sucked 'underground' to the 
weapons  application arena...
Neil Keeney
_mike.bohan at yale.edu_ (mailto:mike.bohan at yale.edu)   writes:

I  have seen examples of acoustic weapons and for the most part they   
have been impractical, but check out this underwater proposal that  has  
recently appeared in the current issue of Popular  Science.


Mike Bohan,  RSO

> From: Stewart Farber  <farbersa at optonline.net>
>  I recall reading decades  ago about the French military  
> trying
> to develop a  focused high intensity, low frequency sound weapon that  
>  would
> vibrate internal organs of an enemy soldier in range  --with the goal of
> prompting incapacitating/fatal internal organ  damage. Anyone ever hear  
> about
> such a strange use  of intense low-frequency sound energy??

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