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Jeez Louise! Somebody needs to help Rokke with his run-on sentence problems.

-Gary Isenhower

John Jacobus wrote:

>Dr. Rokke,
>I am not sure why you are sending this extensive
>message to me at this time.  As far as I am concerned
>this is a dead issue.  I certainly have no plans to
>endorse any of your efforts on DU.  As a retired
>military officer and American, I endorse the medical
>support of our military personnel.  However, I think
>your politically driven agenda on DU is a nucance.  
>--- Dlind49 at aol.com wrote:
>>John Jacobus crispy_bird at YAHOO.COM: Your previous
>>efforts to prevent formal 
>>Department of the Army acknowledgment of the serious
>>adverse health and 
>>environmental effects and to initiate retaliation
>>against me through Doug Aitken, 
>>Colonel Ed Battle, and Colonel Robert Cherry in
>>response to the December 2004 
>>Vanity Fair article written by David Rose on DU that
>>was published in large part 
>>do to my continued efforts to ensure that medical
>>care is provided to all DU 
>>casualties as required by numerous direct orders
>>issued by the Department of 
>>the Army, Department of Defense, and Department of
>>Veterans Affairs and 
>>specifically the medical care and thorough
>>environmental remediation that is required 
>>by U.S. Army Regulation 700-48 were wrong and
>>illegal. Today; 15 years after 
>>my own, my teams, friendly fire victims, and
>>thousands of others were exposed 
>>to DU contamination via ingestion, inhalation,
>>absorption, and wound 
>>contamination (shrapnel); mandatory radio-bioassay
>>and consequent medical care is still 
>>delayed and actually denied to U.S. military,
>>foreign military, and civilians 
>>who were exposed and now experience medically
>>verified adverse health effects. 
>>Your email quote "I still think that a letter to the
>>Editor of Vanity Fair 
>>with this information and links that tell what is
>>known about DU should be sent. 
>>You are abandoning the field to the enemy, or at
>>least ignorant." End quote 
>>generated a letter from Ed Battle that was simply an
>>attack designed to prevent 
>>public awareness and DOD compliance with orders and
>>regulations.   I do not 
>>know why you think the enemy is myself and others
>>who are attempting to ensure 
>>that already mandatory medical care is provided and
>>that environmental 
>>remediation is completed.   The real "public enemy"
>>consists of those individuals who 
>>use uranium weapons and those who are attempting to
>>prevent public awareness 
>>of and DOD compliance with orders and regulations
>>that mandate immediate 
>>medical care and thorough environmental remediation.
>>Colonel Cherry and Colonel 
>>Battle have been on the attack against me ever since
>>I refused to provide 
>>continued proponency for use of depleted uranium
>>munitions as required by the 
>>infamous March 1991 Los Alamos memorandum issued by
>>LTC Michael Ziehmn, U.S. Marine 
>>Corps, and the December 1992 AEPI directive. Your
>>comment quote "or at least 
>>the ignorant" end quote is very interesting and
>>telling as you are indicating to 
>>me and others that you believe that only Colonel
>>Cherry and Colonel Battle 
>>are the experts and have all of the knowledge.
>>Simply neither one of them were 
>>asked to do the clean up work after Gulf War 1 and
>>neither could not do the 
>>work necessary to complete the Army DU project. That
>>is why I was recalled to 
>>active duty and assigned as thr Army Depleted
>>Uranium  Project Director to the 
>>Chemical school under Colonel (Dr.) Ed Battle. The
>>sad part is that as the U.S. 
>>Army Radiation Protection officer, Colonel Robert
>>Cherry did have the official 
>>and legal Army responsibility to ensure that medical
>>care was provided and 
>>environmental remediation was completed but he
>>failed to do so and today he is 
>>still trying to prevent those mandatory actions.
>>Colonel Cherry has also sent 
>>out public letters and emails stating that I was not
>>the U.S. Army Depleted 
>>Uranium Project Director and even told the editor of
>>the Indianapolis Star that 
>>the project never existed. WOW! Today, United
>>States, British, and Australian 
>>military personnel continue to use illegal uranium
>>weapons while refusing to 
>>provide mandatory medical care to all military and
>>civilian casualties. 
>>Depleted Uranium Situation Requires Action
>>By President Bush and Prime Minister Blair 
>>Dr. Doug Rokke, Ph.D.
>>former Director, U.S. Army Depleted Uranium project
>>January 6, 2006
>>While U.S. and British military personnel continue
>>using illegal uranium 
>>munitions- America's and England's own "dirty bombs"
>>U.S. Army, U.S. Department 
>>of Energy, and U.S. Department of Defense officials
>>continue to deny that 
>>there are any adverse health and environmental
>>effects as a consequence of the 
>>manufacture, testing, and/or use of uranium
>>munitions  to avoid liability for 
>>the willful and illegal dispersal of a radioactive
>>toxic material - depleted 
>>uranium. They arrogantly refuse to comply with their
>>own regulations, orders, and 
>>directives that require United States Department of
>>Defense officials to 
>>provide prompt and effective medical care "all"
>>exposed individuals [Medical 
>>Management of Unusual Depleted Uranium Casualties,
>>DOD, Pentagon, 10/14/93, Medical 
>>Management of Army personnel Exposed to Depleted
>>Uranium (DU) Headquarters, 
>>U.S. Army Medical Command 29 April 2004), and
>>section 2-5 of AR 70-48].  They 
>>also refuse to clean up dispersed radioactive
>>Contamination as required by Army 
>>Regulation- AR 700-48: "Management of Equipment
>>Contaminated With Depleted 
>>Uranium or Radioactive Commodities" (Headquarters,
>>Department Of The Army, 
>>Washington, D.C., September 2002) and U.S. Army 
>>Technical Bulletin- TB 9-1300-278: 
>> "Guidelines For Safe Response To Handling, Storage,
>>And Transportation 
>>Accidents Involving Army Tank Munitions Or Armor
>>Which Contain Depleted Uranium" 
>>(Headquarters, Department Of The Army, Washington, 
>>D.C., JULY 1996).
>>Specifically section 2-4 of United States Army
>>Regulation-AR 700-48 dated 
>>September 16, 2002 requires that:
>>(1) "Military personnel "identify, segregate,
>>isolate, secure, and  label all 
>>RCE" (radiologically contaminated equipment).
>>(2) "Procedures to minimize the spread of
>>radioactivity will be implemented 
>>as soon as possible."
>>(3) "Radioactive material and waste will not be
>>locally disposed of  through 
>>burial, submersion, incineration, destruction in
>>place, or abandonment" and
>>(4) "All equipment, to include captured or combat
>>RCE, will be surveyed, 
>>packaged, retrograded, decontaminated and released
>>IAW Technical Bulletin 
>>9-1300-278, DA PAM 700-48" (Note: Maximum exposure
>>limits are specified in Appendix F).
>>The previous and current use of uranium weapons, the
>>release of radioactive 
>>components in destroyed U.S. and foreign military
>>equipment, and releases of 
>>industrial, medical, research facility radioactive
>>materials have resulted in 
>>unacceptable exposures. Therefore, decontamination
>>must be completed as required 
>>by U.S. Army Regulation  700-48 and should include
>>releases of all 
>>radioactive materials resulting from military
>>operations.  The extent of adverse health 
>>and environmental effects of uranium weapons 
>>contamination is not limited to combat zones but
>>includes facilities and 
>>sites where uranium weapons were manufactured or
>>tested including Vieques; Puerto 
>>Rico; Colonie, New York; Concord, MA; Jefferson
>>Proving Grounds, Indiana; and 
>>Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Therefore medical care
>>must be provided by the 
>>United States Department of Defense officials to all
>>individuals affected by the 
>>manufacturing, testing, and/or use of uranium
>>munitions. Thorough 
>>environmental remediation also must be completed
>>without further delay.  I am amazed that 
>>fourteen years after was asked to clean up the
>>initial DU mess from Gulf War 1 
>>and over ten years since I finished the depleted
>>uranium project that United 
>>States Department of Defense officials and others
>>still attempt to justify 
>>uranium munitions use while ignoring mandatory
>>requirements.  I am dismayed that 
>>Department of Defense and Department of Energy
>>officials and representatives 
>>continue personal attacks aimed to silence or
>>discredit those of us who are 
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>"Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse."
>Adlai Stevenson
>-- John
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