[ RadSafe ] Re: depleted uranium cherry & battle

Mercado, Don don.mercado at lmco.com
Wed Mar 29 13:23:23 CST 2006

Dlind49 at aol.com wrote:

"Do you and 
your RADSAF colleagues endorse full DOD compliance with U.S. States Army

Regulation 700-48 that mandates thorough environmental remediation in
section 2-4 and 
medical care in section 2-5?"  

Why should an Army regulation be imposed on the entire DOD? What
precedence can you site for this?

I see nothing in paragraph 2-4 that requires environmental remediation.
The reg addresses *equipment* not the environment. The only thing that
comes close is 2-4 e. 2, local waste disposal. MACOM commander can
authorize local disposal with a letter to the Chief Health Physicist. So
he sends a note to him saying he authorized disposed of DU rounds in
Iraq/Kuwait, etc. and they are in full compliance with the reg. Easily
done. No cleanup required. As far as medical care, do you have any facts
on where medical care was denied?


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