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Dirty bombs are designed to spread fear and panic. This is the main purpose. The number of deaths and injuries from a dirty bomb explosion might not be substantially greater than from a conventional bomb explosion, however public fears about being near a radioactive area  and possibility of evacuation measures could distress the city.  The quantity depend  on the type and sophistication of the dirty bomb, target, area of attack and environmental conditions to achieve the main purpose of spreading fear and panic, besides deaths and injures due the bomb explosion. 
... The source in the Radiological Accident in Goiania  .was Cs-137 in the form of highly soluble cesium chloride salt and the activity of the source 
 was 50.9 TBq (1375 Ci) and the .Mass (Matrix) 93 g. 

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> I'm just curious how much material is required for a bomb to be 
> "dirty."  Maybe there is some sort of scale we could develop to grade 
> how dirty it is.  Something like:
> Untidy
> Messy
> Dirty
> Slovenly
> My daughter's bedroom
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