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John Jacobus crispy_bird at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 29 14:54:00 CST 2006

Dr. Rokke,
Nevertheless, I do recognize a political agenda when I
see one.

--- Dlind49 at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 3/27/06 2:25:46 PM Central
> Standard Time, 
> crispy_bird at yahoo.com writes:
> I certainly have no plans to
> endorse any of your efforts on DU.  As a retired
> military officer and American, I endorse the medical
> support of our military personnel. 
> Thank you once more it is obvious that you and your
> colleagues condone the 
> use or uranium weapons and distribution of America's
> radioactive waste all over 
> the world. The issue is not dead at all as DOD,
> British, and australian 
> military personnel continue to use uranium munitions
> while refusing to provide 
> medical care to all casualties and while refusing to
> clean up all environmental 
> contamination caused by use of uranium weapons. I am
> glad that you endorse 
> medical care for miltary personnel.  May I assume
> that that means that you and other 
> RADSAF list participants therefore endorse full
> compliance with LT General 
> Ron Peake's attached April 29, 2004 order mandating
> medical care?  Do you and 
> your RADSAF colleagues endorse full DOD compliance
> with U.S. States Army 
> Regulation 700-48 that mandates thorough
> environmental remediation in section 2-4 and 
> medical care in section 2-5?  Will you and all other
> RADSAF participants help 
> the DU casualties obtain already mandatory but
> denied and delayed medical 
> care? 
> It is obvious from your comment quote "However, I
> think your politically 
> driven agenda on DU is a nucance" end quote that you
> do not understand that my 
> quest is simply for full compliance with Army
> regulations and orders that require 
> DOD officials provide medical care and clean up all
> environmental 
> contamination. Sadly these orders and regulations
> have been and still are ignored by DOD, 
> MOD, AND, and NATO officials.  My assigned miltary
> duties/tasks that began 
> with my assignment to the Gulf War 1 DU team health
> physicist, preparation of 
> numerous reports, and then as the U.S. Army's DU
> project director were to ensure 
> that (1) medical care is provided, (2) environmental
> remediation is 
> completed, and (3) education (knowledge) and
> training (vocational sills) are fulfilled. 
> If you are a retired miltary officer then you must
> understand that any 
> violation of U.S. Army Regulation 700-48 and any
> violation LTG Peake's order are 
> absolutely unacceptable and are not allowed.     
> doug rokke

"Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse."
Adlai Stevenson

-- John
John Jacobus, MS
Certified Health Physicist
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