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Dr. Rokke,
Of the 270 tested, did any need medical help?  If so,
what did they need?

By the way, do you charge a fee for helping veterans? 

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> Dr. Rokke,
> Do you have proof this surveillance program is not
> being done?
> Absolutely.
> DO you want to help?   
> denialof car/ testing is verified in VAs own
> official documents and GAO 
> reports. 
> VA Gulf War Review volume 13 #1 page 12.
> www.va.gov
> Dr. Mark Brown states thsat in 14 yearsthey had
> tested only 270 individuals.
> I gave them and Dr. mike Kilpatrick told Bill
> Cinton's staff during September 
> 1998  that over 400 needed immediate care.
> GAO verified in 2000 DU report thast only 51 of us
> had everr been given 
> testing and care.
> As of a few hours ago curent vets had not been given
> mandatory testing and 
> they contacted me/ us for help.   
> U.S. Army Colonel Assaf Durakovic, M.D.  agreed to
> test them via his labs as 
> part of their work seprate from VA or Army. 
> the guys from 442 N.Y.N.G. Military Police had
> testing care denied until 
> Assaf helped them.  

"Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse."
Adlai Stevenson

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