[ RadSafe ] Sr-90 Source for Instrument Performance Test

Claude Laney cflaney at bellsouth.net
Thu Mar 30 09:24:18 CST 2006

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I am looking for a company that manufactures a Sr-90 check source to
performance test Eberline RO-20 (RO-2 & RO-2a) ion chambers on each range.
The source is mounted in a plexiglass fixture that keeps the source to
detector geometry reproducible .  There is a round plexiglass piece that
rotates around to cover the source with various attenuation thicknesses,
thereby exposing the ion chamber to different dose rates corresponding to
each scale.  I last purchased this device from a company named "The Source"
around the years 1995 to 1996.  I can not locate this company.  Does anyone
know of a company that manufactures this type of instrument source check


You may respond directly to cflaney at bellsouth.net.




C. Laney, CHP

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