[ RadSafe ] Deconning Metal

James Salsman james at bovik.org
Wed Mar 29 21:53:57 CST 2006

Dear Joel I. Cehn, CHP:

You requested:

>.... recommendations on deconning DU off of metal.  We're  looking 
> at sponge-jet systems, sand blasting, CO2 blasting and water  blasting.  The 
> latter has the advantage of less airborne material.   The metal is former DU 
> munitions targets.  Thanks in advance.

There is a strain of bacteria and some plants which eat uranium
to make it easier to remove.  You can learn more about them in
the Science Citation Index by Thompson or the like.  Let me know
whether you get that, and if you don't maybe I can look it up
for you.

I would go with the plants, because bacteria mutation rate
increases make me nervous.  And are the people doing this going
to be on decorporation therapy constantly?  That might not hurt,
although the therapy might have side effects.

How do you plan to cordon off the area for that long?  How many
sites are involved?  Thank you for your help.

James Salsman

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