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The actual GAO report states, in a footnote that "None of these documents  
were available on NRC's Web site," in reference to their statement that they  
found "two NRC documents and a few examples of the documents by searching the  
Internet," so I would tend to doubt the statement that they found the NRC  
license template on the NRC website.
Also, the report states that the suppliers were "not required to ask the  
buyer to produce an NRC document when making the purchases," and while it  
doesn't state outright that they didn't do this, it certainly is implied that  they 
did not.
I would be very cautious about accepting a verbal account of the  
transactions, and, instead rely on the official report of the GAO.

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Brent.Rogers at environment.nsw.gov.au writes:

I've yet  to read any reports on this issue, but I did see the GAO official
that was  addressing the Senate committee doing just that on The  NewsHour
(PBS-TV).  He claimed that they downloaded a sample license  from the NRC
website, then used software that is commercially available on  the internet
to create their own counterfeit NRC license.  Apparently,  according to The
NewsHour talking head, the NRC has removed sample licenses  from their
website.  I haven't personally verified that.

They  then supplied the counterfeit license documents to suppliers in  Canada
& Mexico, and the items were shipped.  I never heard him  say what the
isotope(s) or activities of the items were, but The NewsHour  only supplied
truncations of the testimony.    

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