[ RadSafe ] Re: depleted uranium cherry & battle

Brian Rees brees at lanl.gov
Fri Mar 31 08:44:12 CST 2006

"Deny everything"
"Admit nothing"
"Make counter accusations"

Seen on a T-shirt worn by somebody who does interesting things ....

I'm still looking for a source for the T-shirt, BTW.


At 07:16 PM 3/30/2006, Steven Dapra wrote:
>March 30, 2006
>         Here is another item in their bag of tricks.  First, some background.
>         Last fall I attended a lecture by a man who had done a vast 
> amount of research on DU, and in his lecture he showed conclusively that 
> it was harmless.  The audience was 99 percent anti-DU partisans, who -- 
> oddly enough -- were civil.  During the Q and A, one of them started 
> moaning and groaning about poisoned Iraqi children.  I told her she had 
> no epidemiology to support her claims.  What did she have to say to me 
> about that?  It seems that me and everyone like me suffers from an almost 
> "racist, elitist, (blah, blah, blah) bias against Iraqis."  When all else 
> fails, accuse your opponents of some type of "ism."  It may not be 
> logical or scientific, but it serves well for intimidating anyone who 
> dares to speak against the anti-DU agitators.
>Steven Dapra
>sjd at swcp.com
>Neill Stanford wrote:
>>Doug Rokke and his followers are fanatics. I have seen him speak, spoken
>>with him, emailed with him and finally with his followers. They are
>>completely single- and closed-minded on this issue. Any argument or plea for
>>reason is tossed aside as coming from someone who is brain washed and
>>financially tied to Rokke's enemy. Health physicist are seen as proponents
>>of irradiation, not radiation safety professionals.
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