[ RadSafe ] Re: depleted uranium cherry & battle

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Thu Mar 30 20:16:53 CST 2006

March 30, 2006

         Here is another item in their bag of tricks.  First, some background.

         Last fall I attended a lecture by a man who had done a vast amount 
of research on DU, and in his lecture he showed conclusively that it was 
harmless.  The audience was 99 percent anti-DU partisans, who -- oddly 
enough -- were civil.  During the Q and A, one of them started moaning and 
groaning about poisoned Iraqi children.  I told her she had no epidemiology 
to support her claims.  What did she have to say to me about that?  It 
seems that me and everyone like me suffers from an almost "racist, elitist, 
(blah, blah, blah) bias against Iraqis."  When all else fails, accuse your 
opponents of some type of "ism."  It may not be logical or scientific, but 
it serves well for intimidating anyone who dares to speak against the 
anti-DU agitators.

Steven Dapra
sjd at swcp.com

Neill Stanford wrote:

>Doug Rokke and his followers are fanatics. I have seen him speak, spoken
>with him, emailed with him and finally with his followers. They are
>completely single- and closed-minded on this issue. Any argument or plea for
>reason is tossed aside as coming from someone who is brain washed and
>financially tied to Rokke's enemy. Health physicist are seen as proponents
>of irradiation, not radiation safety professionals.


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