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Neill Stanford stanford at stanforddosimetry.com
Thu Mar 30 14:28:26 CST 2006

Doug Rokke and his followers are fanatics. I have seen him speak, spoken
with him, emailed with him and finally with his followers. They are
completely single- and closed-minded on this issue. Any argument or plea for
reason is tossed aside as coming from someone who is brain washed and
financially tied to Rokke's enemy. Health physicist are seen as proponents
of irradiation, not radiation safety professionals. 
When I made the mistake of responding to Rokke's pleas for "information", I
received piles of personal attacks, cc'd to a large list of his followers.
What began as a reasonable exchange, where I felt I might actually provide
some basis for understanding the relative danger of the radiological
compared to chemical toxicity (quotes from IAEA and WHO documents, for ex.),
I got attacked. My website was scoured and reported on "Just have a look at
his client list! Weapons facilities and nuke plants. It is obvious where his
motivation comes from. He is one of them." And their evidence is things
like: "...soldiers' wives complaining of a burning sensation during
intercourse". Never any numbers, any test results. Like the news
"documentary" in the mid 80's about TMI. Giant dandelions and cats with
brain damage, must be the radiation.
It is very frustrating trying to communicate with this group. My advice is
to monitor your frustration level, pull out when it gets too much. I can
thank Bob Cherry for helping me see how futile it is trying to reason with
Rokke et al. I can tell you with confidence that there is no amount of
evidence or fact that will break through to what is left of Doug Rokke's
ability to reason. 

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> This is about getting medical care for all casualties  and getting 
> environmental contamination cleaned up as required by U.S. Army 
> Regulations 700-48 and numerous orders. That is simply doing what is 
> required and what is right. Those actions are not optional but 
> mandatory.  I would think that even you must agree that mandatory 
> actions should be completed.

I'm not sure why he keeps waiving 700-48 around. It is a logistics
regulation addressing handling of contaminated equipment. It has been
clearly shown that it doesn't apply, and contains no mandatory environment
cleanup requirements. At least he's consistent with his errors.

Actually, I do realize what he's up to. Promotion of his politically
motivated single issue agenda. How much income are you making off this



I just found out that the Army JAG has formally established that the Army,
in accordance with Geneva Conventions and historic precedence, is not
responsible for battlefield cleanup in foreign lands. The national
government with jurisdiction has responsibility under internationally
accepted "laws" of warfare. This is not to say that Uncle Sam won't help
out, (like we did in Europe and Japan after WWII) only that he doesn't have
to and, if he chooses to do so, a different Federal agency will do it, not
DOD. (Thank you to the person who sent this information to me.)

Doug, what do you think this kind of fabrication does to your credibility
and to those who quote or encourage you? What? You don't care as long as the
guest-lecturer fees keep rolling in? I see.

Ok, I'm not going to feed the troll any more.
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