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The Israelis use DU in munitions prior to 1974?

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> Are you claiming that all of these medical
> conditions
> are related to DU exposure?
> these are not just my claim but as documented in
> medical files following 
> physician diagnosis after verifed exposures.
> many are documented in 1974 report on health
> environmental effects folowing 
> Israeli use in Sinai. 
> Wakayama took many he briefed from that report. 
> The health effects showed up in many documents that
> we encountered s part of 
> DU team, AEPI, and DU project.
> Then we had direct observed effects following
> verfied exposures with 
> physician diagnosis.  that is what happened to
> myself, my team, and friendly fire 
> casualtues. 
> I had 123 DU friendly fire casulties who survived-
> please remember/ 
> understand that  I was the on site officetr- health
> physicist- combat medic- but only a 
> few ever got help and many still have not got help
> uyet even with imbedded DU 
> shrapnel.
> my original unit commander the theater oc doc
> physician and the other team 
> physciuans then set up our care.  
> Have you read Colonel Edgar Wakayama's Pentagon
> briefing? 

"We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them."
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